Tools: Installing MySQL on OS X

If you’ve ever installed MySQL on Linux, you know how easy it is. If you’ve ever installed MySQL on OS X, you know what a terrible pain-in-the-ass it is. It’s a pain whether you install the latest package directly from, or if you install via macports. In order to actually make it work there are about a half dozen post-installation steps you need to follow, none of which are documented anywhere reasonable.

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Situational Fastball Usage

In a comment on my THT article on pitch sequencing, MGL made the following observation:

One other thing that must be controlled for is game situation and that could be significantly affecting the results. For example, when the pitching team is ahead, especially way ahead, later in the game, the pitcher is more likely to throw a fastball on all pitches, more likely to throw a strike, etc. The batting team is more likely to be taking more pitches, etc.

Unsurprisingly given the source, this is absolutely correct!

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